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Organizational Change Readiness:
How receptive is your organization to change, particularly in the context of AI adoption?

  Uncertain Highly Resistant Reluctant Neutral Moderately Receptive Highly Receptive

General AI Knowledge and Understanding:
How would you rate the overall level of AI knowledge and understanding among your stakeholders and employees?

  Uncertain No Knowledge Limited Knowledge Neutral Moderate Knowledge High Knowledge and Expertise

Do you have a dedicated team or individuals with expertise in AI technologies and methodologies?

  Uncertain No AI Expertise Currently Building Expertise Outsourced Expertise Limited Expertise Skilled Individuals Expert Team

Customer Experience:
Have you identified high level use cases or areas where AI can enhance your customer experience?

  Uncertain No Identified Use Cases Exploring Possibilities Limited Use Cases Identified Use Cases Comprehensive Use Cases

How would you rate the level of cross-functional stakeholder alignment for successful AI implementation in your organization?

  Uncertain No Alignment Limited Alignment Moderate Alignment Strong Alignment