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How open is your organization to change, especially when it comes to adopting AI?

  Uncertain Highly Resistant Reluctant Neutral Moderately Receptive Highly Receptive

Do you have a team or individuals who are skilled in AI technologies and methodologies?

  Uncertain No AI Expertise Currently Building Expertise Outsourced Expertise Limited Expertise Skilled Individuals Expert Team

Have you identified any use cases where AI can improve your customer experience?

  Uncertain No Identified Use Cases Exploring Possibilities Limited Use Cases Identified Use Cases Comprehensive Use Cases


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Have you identified the main business goals you want to achieve through your investment in AI?

  Uncertain No Identified Objectives Exploring Objectives Limited Objectives Partially Defined Objectives Clearly Defined Objectives

Have you thought about and assessed the ethical considerations and potential risks that come with using AI?

  Uncertain Not Fully Evaluated Exploring Evaluation Limited Evaluation Partially Evaluated Thoroughly Evaluated

Do you have a plan to train your team so that your organization can effectively adopt AI?

  Uncertain No Change Management Strategy Exploring Change Management Strategies Limited Change Management Strategy Partial Change Management Strategy Comprehensive Change Management Strategy


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Do you have a data governance framework in place that ensures data quality, connectedness, and governance?

  Uncertain No Governance Exploring Governance Options Limited Governance Measures Partial Governance Framework Robust Governance Framework

Do you have the right infrastructure to support AI workloads and process large-scale data?

  Uncertain Not Capable Exploring Upgrades Limited Capability Moderately Capable Highly Capable

Do you have a plan to prototype and deploy AI solutions in your organization?

  Uncertain No Formal Plan Exploring Planning Options Limited Plan Partial Plan Comprehensive Plan